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Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Fortinet

Works under:Windows 11

FortiClient is a free antivirus program specifically designed for corporate use. Not only does it provide many premium features, but it also easily connects to corporate networks. Despite the various features, this program is easy to use.

Chrome Extension

Unlike some other free antivirus programs, this is a Chrome extension that connects directly to your browser. While it can scan your entire hard drive for viruses, it's best at finding viruses on websites. This will only work with Chrome, so make sure you're using that browser and not another one.

Initial Check

This extension will do a quick initial check as soon as it's downloaded. This will ensure that any viruses already on your computer will be found and removed.

Firewall Protection

On top of antivirus protection, FortiClient also offers a free firewall to prevent bad files from getting onto your hard drive. This offers an extra layer of protection for no extra charge.